Sonoran Winery

A visit to Sonoran Estate Winery in Sunmmerland is a treat for all your senses. Taste our full bodied wines. Wander through the vineyards of our beautiful little winery. Sit on our spacious patio, enjoying a bite and a glass of wine. Feel the soft breeze from Lake Okanagan, and soak up the rich Okanagan Sunshine. Let your gaze wander across the hazy mountain ranges that seem to go on forever until they reach the blue summer sky. It’s a little piece of paradise, with heavenly wines to match.

Simply put, it’s love at first taste.

At Sonoran Estate, we value quality over quantity. It all starts in the vineyards, where the vines are meticulously maintained. At the peak of ripeness, the grapes are handpicked and gently pressed to protect their incredible flavoured juices. Fermented in small lots, the new wines slowly develop into our award winning vintages. From grape to bottle, every step of our winemaking process is treated with care. In the end, the fruits of our labour are rewarded.

Our winery is located less than 80 km from the northeren tip of the Sonoran Desert. Unknown to many, the Sonoran Desert runs the length of North America, from Mexico through to British Columbia, Canada.

The influence of the Sonoran Desert accounts for the ideal vineyard conditions in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. Here in Canada’s only desert, some of North America’s best wines are being crafted.


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A Truly Memorable Wine Experience!

While we enjoyed all of the wineries that we visited, the highlight of the tour was definitely Vibrant Vines, a spectacular vinery, a passionate story, and delicious wine. In the end we stopped at several wineries, numbed our taste buds :-), enjoyed two great dinning experiences and made new friends. We will definitely book Club Wine Tours again, and look forward to the next trip to Kelowna.