Dirty Laundry Winery

We understand what Robert Mondavi intended when he coined the expression “Wine is Life”. Here at Dirty Laundry, in the sun drenched hills of the Okanagan Valley one’s whole being is captivated by the beauty and serenity of the vineyard and the ebb and flow of the industry in which the fertility of the terroire merges with the talent and inspiration of the orchardist and winemaker to produce the finest of Valley wines.

To Robert Mondavi wine was family, friendship, romance, science, industry and ultimately his lifelong career. To Dirty Laundry, wine has one further dimension. “Wine is fun!”

Humor is the spice of life so not only are we here to tantalize your palette but to tickle your funny bone. The little known Summerland story of a 19th century Chinese Laundromat which fronted for a brothel has provided the perfect back drop to arouse your sense of humor while your remaining senses are stimulated by your surroundings and the product of our vineyard. We invite and encourage you to visit us soon, visit us often and when you visit be prepared to share with our friendly and accommodating staff, both a toast and a smile.

Dirty Laundry Vineyard 2011


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A Truly Memorable Wine Experience!

While we enjoyed all of the wineries that we visited, the highlight of the tour was definitely Vibrant Vines, a spectacular vinery, a passionate story, and delicious wine. In the end we stopped at several wineries, numbed our taste buds :-), enjoyed two great dinning experiences and made new friends. We will definitely book Club Wine Tours again, and look forward to the next trip to Kelowna.