Elephant Island

Miranda and Del Halladay founded the winery at Elephant Island in 1999 in partnership with Miranda’s Grandmother, Catherine Wisnicki.

A passion for fine alcohols and the love of a raucous good time has inspired Miranda and Del’s journey into the world of winemaking and wine exploration. The foray into fruit wine was guided by the fascination of Miranda’s grandfather, Paul, whose recreational pursuit of fruit winemaking and distilling left a heritage rich in notes and memories. Paul had the foresight and vision to believe that there was a market for well-crafted fruit wines and that the fruit grown in the Okanagan Valley would provide the essential raw ingredients. His recipes, brought from the old-world, have laid the foundation for all of the wines at Elephant Island.

Recognizing that their 20’s had been spent consuming large quantities of beer (and being only shortly into their 30’s) Miranda and Del hired professional winemaker Christine Leroux to teach them everything she could about wine! Christine’s warm personality, love of a challenge and impeccable technical training have been the perfect fit on the Elephant Island team. Training at the L’Institut D’Oenologie de Bordeaux, in Bordeaux, France together with international work experience with Chateau Petrus, Chateau Margaux and Cassegrain Christine brings an exceptional level of training and experience to the wines of Elephant Island. Although fruit wines were a new venture for Christine, the technical fundamentals she brings to winemaking have been essential in the development of our wines.

Working with the recipes left by Grandfather Paul, Christine has refined and expanded the winemaking process to ensure wines of the highest quality are produced under the Elephant Island label. We are delighted to have Christine on board!

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A Truly Memorable Wine Experience!

While we enjoyed all of the wineries that we visited, the highlight of the tour was definitely Vibrant Vines, a spectacular vinery, a passionate story, and delicious wine. In the end we stopped at several wineries, numbed our taste buds :-), enjoyed two great dinning experiences and made new friends. We will definitely book Club Wine Tours again, and look forward to the next trip to Kelowna.