Naramata Wineries & Vineyards

Aces Okanagan Estate Winery
Box 40
Naramata BC
Phone: (250) 809-9339

Elephant Island Orchard Wines
2730 Aikins Loop
Naramata BC
Phone: (250) 496-5522

Foxtrot Vineyards
2333 Gammon Rd
Naramata BC
Phone: (250) 496-5082

Joie Farm
2825 Naramata Road
Naramata BC
Phone: (250) 496-0093
Toll Free: 1-866-422-5643

Kettle Valley Winery
2988 Hayman Rd
Naramata BC
Phone: (250) 496-5898

Lake Breeze Vineyards
930 Sammet Rd
Naramata BC
Phone: (250) 496-5659

Lang Vineyards
2493 Gammon Rd
Naramata BC
Phone: (250) 496-5987

Marichel Vineyard
1016 Littlejohn Rd
Naramata BC
Phone: (250) 496-5884

Nichol Vineyard and Estate Winery
1285 Smethurst Rd
Naramata BC
Phone: (250) 496-5962

Serendipity Winery
990 Debeck Rd
Naramata BC
Phone: (250) 496-5299

Therapy Vineyards
940 Debeck Rd
Naramata BC
Phone: (250) 496-5217

Van Westen Vineyards
850 Boothe Rd
Naramata BC
Phone: (250) 496-0067

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A Truly Memorable Wine Experience!

While we enjoyed all of the wineries that we visited, the highlight of the tour was definitely Vibrant Vines, a spectacular vinery, a passionate story, and delicious wine. In the end we stopped at several wineries, numbed our taste buds :-), enjoyed two great dinning experiences and made new friends. We will definitely book Club Wine Tours again, and look forward to the next trip to Kelowna.