East Kelowna

Kelowna Wineries & Vineyards

Ancient Hill Winery
4918 Anderson Road
Kelowna BC
Phone: (250) 491-2766

Bounty Cellars
#7-364 Lougheed Road
Kelowna BC
Phone: (250) 765-9200
Toll free: 1-866-465-9463

Calona Vineyards
1125 Richter St
Kelowna BC
Phone: (250) 762-3332
Toll free Wine Shop: 1-888-246-44729

Cedar Creek Estate Winery
5445 Lakeshore Rd
Kelowna BC
Phone: (250) 764-8866
Toll Free: 1-800-730-9463

Camelot Vineyards Estate Winery
3489 East Kelowna Road
Kelowna BC
Phone: (250) 862-8873

East Kelowna Cider Company
2981 East Kelowna Rd
Kelowna BC
Phone: (250) 860-8118

House of Rose Vineyards
2270 Garner Rd
Kelowna BC
Ph: (250) 765-0802

Meadow Vista
2229 Sunview Drive
Kelowna BC
Ph: (250) 769-2337

Okanagan Villa Estate Winery
3240 Pooley Rd
Kelowna BC
Phone: (250) 762-5405

Raven Ridge Cidery Inc
3002 Dunster Road
Kelowna BC
Phone: (250) 763-1091

St. Hubertus Estate Winery
5225 Lakeshore Rd
Kelowna BC
Phone: (250) 764 7888
Toll Free: 1-800 989 WINE

1125 Richter St
Kelowna BC
Phone: (250) 762-9144
Toll free Wine Shop: 1-888-246-4472

Sperling Vineyards
1405 Pioneer Road
Kelowna BC
Phone: (250) 764-1767

Spierhead Winery
3950 Spiers Road
Kelowna BC
Phone: (250) 763-7777

Summerhill Pyramid Winery
4870 Chute Lake Rd
Kelowna BC
Phone: (250) 764-8000
Toll Free: 1-800-667-3538

Tantalus Vineyards
(formerly Pioneer Vineyards)
1670 Dehart Rd
Kelowna BC
Toll Free: 1-877-764-0078

The View Winery and Vineyard
#1-2287 Ward Rd
Kelowna BC
Phone: (250) 215-1331

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A Truly Memorable Wine Experience!

While we enjoyed all of the wineries that we visited, the highlight of the tour was definitely Vibrant Vines, a spectacular vinery, a passionate story, and delicious wine. In the end we stopped at several wineries, numbed our taste buds :-), enjoyed two great dinning experiences and made new friends. We will definitely book Club Wine Tours again, and look forward to the next trip to Kelowna.